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Trademarks. Trademarks are the reason consumers make a decision to buy. And the reason the decision gets repeated. There is nothing more valuable to a business than its goodwill, and trademarks secure and protect goodwill.

Worldwide Protection. Main points for consideration in international protection.

Anti-counterfeiting. We help stop the flow of counterfeit products that can damage a brand and its related goodwill.

Trade Dress. Product configuration, packaging, overall look and feel, is protectable.

Cyberpiracy - Illegal internet domains

Copyrights. Understand copyrights by touring our Virtual Museum.

Trade Secrets. Protecting confidential, commercially sensitive or trade secret information.

Related matters including internet, e-commerce, technology transfers, and intellectual property transactions involving U.S. Customs or the laws of another country.

Art Law and Entertainment Law including publicity Rights and Image Licensing. 

Resources including fee schedule, frequently requested court papers, and other materials provided by request, are here.

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