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Purses and watches are not the only target of counterfeiters and knock-off artists.  Anything that is susceptible of intellectual property protection may also become the focus of those who would break the law and seek to profit from the success of others.  Even a plant, it's look, its properties, it's very genetic composition, may be protected by a patent.  The plant may also be distinguished by a brand name, or trademark.   The innovation of new and better plants is something that is protected and encouraged by various patent and trademark laws around the world. Patents and trademarks are aspects of intellectual property law and growers avail themselves of these laws to promote and encourage creativity and innovation.  Because of these laws, consumers get better plant products.

 When a protected plant is grown and sold without the proper permission or authorization, the plant may be an illegal counterfeit.  Many times an illegal plant is genetically impossible to distinguishable from the real thing.  That makes these kinds of enforcement actions some of the most difficult in the world.


 Whitelaw Legal Group,  counsel in largest seizure of counterfeit roses in U.S. history





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