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National Religious Broadcasters/Guardian Group



Presentation for December 10, 2009

Jennifer L. Whitelaw, Attorney

Whitelaw Legal Group



Intellectual Property for the Broadcaster - Avoiding Common Pitfalls




            The Business of Broadcasting in a Marketplace Ruled Intellectual Property


                        A Working Background


            Intellectual Property – What is it?



Trade Secrets


            Intellectual Property Traps and Solutions


                        When it's Yours


                                    Three Things You Can Do To Add Value to the Intellectual Property You Own


                        When It's Not Yours

    The Internet, Music, and Using the Copyrighted Works of Others

    Fair Use - What Qualifies, What Does Not


            Intellectual Property and You - Q & A

            Follow up materials to this presentation may be available here

Choosing a trademark wisely

Trademark Best Practices

Important Fair Use Cases and Summaries

Fair Use Checklist